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Music Video Total Votes
Candela Muchacha (Fire Girl) (LosPetitFellas) 385
Tears (Celumusa) 321
What Once Was (Yannick Songca) 222
Easy (Buulxlogy) 207
I Don't Need You (J4ckie) 144
In Havana (Tamiga & 2Bad) 130
Bruce Lee (Crotchet Fiona) 115
How Are You? (D.White) 102
Lo Hago Por Mi (Bemba Saoco) 99
Fool For You (King Al) 86
Ravenswood Lane (Kora Naughton) 86
Limit Of Love (I Am Boleyn) 75
Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist (Rory Webley) 74
Accelerated (Pat Winter) 69
Smoke For The Clouds (Ahuirán's Water) (Fabulae Dramatis) 69
Stay Home (Tarantola) 69
Psycho (Added Color) 61
I'll Have You Remember (Zabel) 57
Norway (Elements EP) (Lowes) 53
Women! (Salt) 50