Anti-clockwise (2019)
Davide Bart Salvemini 
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1 April 2020 Share

“Deltagram” sounds like a project to us, but we assume it is a band. When was it formed, and who are the current band members?

Deltagram is a project started 6 years ago, from 2 guys. We used to share the same studio for our respective music projects and started to jam for fun. Never taken this very seriously until we had a bunch of songs, something like 40 tracks, done during the past years, even after one of us moved to London, we managed to write and exchange ideas online and meeting few times a year.

Our alchemy has always been great, so just last year we decided to make a proper music project, giving it a name and started releasing this music that has been in our hard drives for too long.

We then decided to open up to collaborations especially for the live acts, so now we have a proper band of 4 elements.

What is the story behind your band name “Deltagram”?

Deltagram is an invented word, made by the combination of the Greek words “delta” (referred to the morphology of the river delta, a landform created by deposition of sediment carried by a river before entering the open sea, which represents our different music influences and styles) and “gramma” (something written, drawing).

You told us that the founding members come from Italy, that you spent five years in London and that you moved to Berlin now. Has that influenced your music and if yes, how? And in the greater scheme of things, what are you searching?

We both come from the same city, Brindisi, a very beautiful city from the south of Italy, then one of us moved to London for 5 years and now moved to Berlin.

Definitely traveling and living among the best artists, night clubs, music venues with high profile events, can help or influence the artistry and most importantly give you the right motivations to improve, but we also listen every day new music, exploring every genres, which really helps a lot.

At the moment we are auto producing ourselves and have a lot of music to release, so our goal is now to take the next releases to a different level, whether is going to be a good label producing us or continuing to do ourselves, it doesn't matter.

What is the story behind your song “Anti-Clockwise”?

The song has been written almost 2 years ago, we probably recorded 10 different versions of it, it wasn't immediate like many others we have done, but the lyrics have always been the same.

The theme is human adaptation, being part of a system and act like one of the many cogs of the clockwork, anytime someone tries to rotate anti-clockwise, the entire mechanism breaks, or we think it breaks, so we often adapt and adjust to survive.

Your story reminds us of the film “Equilibrium⁠”. How similar is your idea compared to this film?

That’s very interesting. We know the movie, but we just watched it after the song was written, even if is an old movie and remember that was so funny to watch it and find the similarities.

The ending of the movie is definitely not what we imagined and said in our song.

The music video was made by Davide “Bart” Salvemini. How did get in touch with him? How do you see the interaction between your song and his visualisation?

We never met Davide, but just spoken on the phone, but we already love him, even without meeting him once, he is a true artist, illustrator, designer and animation videos maker. We saw one of his works made for a friend of ours and got his contact immediately, we spoke on the phone few times and told him our ideas, but we let him have his own interpretation of the lyrics and didn't get disappointed.

You said it’s going to be a trilogy. This is a rare format for music videos. We can only remember this example⁠, which wasn’t even finished by the way. What are your motives behind this?

We asked him to make a trilogy, because we are releasing an E.P. of 3 tracks and wanted a video clip for each one of them, 2 videos are already released, you can watch them on our website⁠ or YouTube⁠ and the 3rd and last is coming soon.

We just thought all songs were perfect together for the lyrics and sound and wanted to give each one a special platform, releasing single after single with a videoclip. Then we also saw not many releases had that format, a video for each song in the E.P. and decided to do it.

You’ll perform in London February this year. What can we expect from this performance? How will it compare to your gig at the Urban Spree in Berlin last October?

We can't wait to perform in London and see the public response, we already had the chance to perform with other music projects around Europe and it's hard to say what to expect when you propose something new like in this case, so we will find out very soon.

What do you envision for the next level Deltagram releases?

We really want to release a full album, because it is very hard to express our style in few tracks or a couple of singles. We are full of songs; we just need to choose the right ones and find the best way to release them. The most important thing now is to play live as much as we can, the real way to show our potential.