Red Coat & Red Lipstick (2019)
Jairam Chawhan 
Alice Stehlickova
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22 January 2020 Share

Red coated lips?

Three people are waiting for a bus.


This guy has a ukulele! And he knows how to play this thing. And there is also a lady on a phone. She seems to be so captured by what she reads on it, that she sings it to the ukulele guy. And then there is this guy on a bench. He is the obvious winner here.

The whole thing climaxes when people on a balcony seven floors above start cheering them on. The performers manage to complete the song. Applause. Everybody laughs happily.

The lyrics talk about a mysterious woman, only identified as wearing a red coat, red lipstick and red heels. She showed up out of nowhere in the streets of Prague and disappeared again.

Now, the music video takes place in the streets of Budapest. It shows people performing an improvised song based on a poem.

The camera operator uses a portable camera (presumably a phone) and walks around the group to film them from different angles. Close ups, mid shots and wide shots, the camera gives us everything.

It is night. There is a round poster thing next to them which glows. And some traffic on the street.

The entire video is one clip without any cuts. It tells the story of a poet travelling abroad, meeting strangers, convincing them to perform a song based on one of his poems, spontaneously creating an audience and gaining their recognition and applause.

It is an extreme example of an ancient Greek play even following the principle of unity of action, time and place.

The mastermind behind this music video is Jairam Chawhan (describing himself as “Goa – India – Bahrain – Poet – writer – traveller”). He wrote the lyrics and directed the video.

Here is a rare look into this man’s thoughts:

“I’m 37 year old Indian citizen, Born in Indian state of Goa on July 28 1982. I have completed Diploma in civil Engineering and from year January 2009 I working middle east, I was working in Sultanate of Oman till March 2016 and later moved to Kingdom of Bahrain, Presently working as Quality assurance and control engineer on a mega construction project.

I commenced my journey to write poems from my teenage and I used to mainly write in Marathi, Hindi and Konkani ( Regional languages of India ). My First poetry booked named Smaran Tujem : A collection of poems in Konkani was published in the year March 2014 with ISBN – 978-81-920961-3-1 through Shalmali Creations Goa- India.

One year back I began to write again but this time in English, rather I would say this is just a beginning. In parallel I started to travel and put efforts to meet wonderful people during my journey who inspired me to create something new. In brief my preliminary aim is to;

To explore the world, meet many people as much I can, explore the beauty and culture and exchange knowledge, information and cultural values and to spread love.To Connect with people from different countries with amazing travel stories, life experiences, Visions and goals, Their contributions to the society, Culture, Language. Finding ways to have peace and love on this lovely planet. I believe that doesn't matter if you don’t have single Dollar in your assets or in wallet # Make sure you have 10 good friends who are worth more than trillions in the account of any richest on this planet .

World is full of awesome people and may be our ignorance, ego, fabricated education system, media and the superficial intelligence restricts us to identify and connect with them. The world is one and we have one race and I believe we all should work together to bring peace, harmony and happiness to every species in this universe it’s our sole responsibility and duty to provide the best to coming generations we all are going to die but what we do today will influence our future generations.

Thank you to all the wonderful souls I have met during my all the solo travels starting from Qatar, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Jordan and Armenia.”

Furthermore, he adds:

"It was an coincidental meet up at 2.00 AM mid night, I was returning from a pub and these three wonderful angels offered me to have some snacks with them and I was impressed with their skill and requested if they can create something on the poems which I have, The female artist Alice Stehlickova instantly accepted and we started, all our phones were dead luckily we were able to record 2 on my Iphone and rest 04 we captured on pass byres and we never got back. Above poem was in appreciation to the artist and she is my one of best friend now."

Where is this music video’s place in the history of comparable works?

Fatboy Slim’s video for “Praise You⁠” instantly comes to mind. However, his off-the-cuff performance was planned. But Jairam’s “Red Coat & Red Lipstick” was not staged at all. Not only the song is improvised, but also the composition of the ensemble. This is a significant new step in the history of mankind.

Now, what is the meaning of this music video? Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. If you talk to strangers, great things can happen.

Our verdict: this music video adds a meaningful story about coming together to the lyrics. It also takes a new step in the history of unplanned music videos. And it teaches a lesson on how we can treat one another. Jairam’s music video “Red Coat & Red Lipstick” is a masterpiece.

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