Grammy On My Name (2019)
Jirbo Aondohemba Michael  
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1 January 2020 Share


Hi Deszcent, were you born with this name?

My birth name is Sunday Olobo Paul and my stage name is Deszcent. I started music officially in 2018. I'm from Makurdi, Benue State in Nigeria.

What is Makurdi for you?

Makurdi to me, is home. I've lived most of my adult life in Makurdi and had my university education here too. It is a place with lots of talent and innovations. I've met a couple of creative youths during my stay in Makurdi but I think the sad thing is that we have to put in extra extra work to get noticed from here. You could tell from the small Wikipedia entry⁠, it is not among the most popular/biggest cities but overall, it is a really great place.

What should we know about your country and your life?

Nigeria is a place that welcomes almost everyone. It is home for a lot of people with different cultural backgrounds living as one. I'd say right here is a challenging but really interesting world.

Talking about myself, I'm just a young man working so hard to achieve his dreams. My life is quite a simple one, I recognize that I need to make the most of the little things available to me as they would surely amount to greater things tomorrow.

I'm from a family of five. I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful and understanding family. They've supported me throughout my education and music pursuit so far and have encouraged me countless times not to give up faith.

What is music for you?

I started music when I discovered music can actually speak to someone, that you can tell your story through your music. Although as a kid, I grew up listening to a lot of music and sometimes I'd record myself singing on a radio tape and hide the cassettes in my bag, lol. I think my love for music also pushed me into making mine.

Music for me is how I tell my story, how I let out the things I feel, the things that bothers me, my fears, ups and downs, even the things I can't say out to someone I can easily put them in a song.

Good music is one with a meaning, one with a message. Good music is the kind of music people can relate to, the type that would stand the test of time. Good music is written straight from the heart.

How did you make your song “Grammy On My Name”?

Well, making the song "Grammy On My Name", first I got a beat online and I really loved the sound. And then this afternoon I was sad about the way a lot of things are not falling in place yet and reassuring myself that I wasn't gonna stop till I achieve all my dreams, also reminding myself of the reasons why I'm doing this. I had to put them all in writing as it is the best way I can express myself and the beat was a perfect fit for all I had in mind so I jumped on it.

Everyone who has gotten the chance to listen say it's great. They love the lyrics, the way I flowed on the beat and even the video. I know a lot of young people struggling to make it out could relate to the song too, I've seen a couple friends quote lyrics from the song for social media posts and all. Every comment about the song has been a positive one so far.

And now your music video for this song is in the official selection of the London Music Video Festival 2020. Congratulations!

When my dad got our first TV, the first things we started watching were music videos and I'd spend time after school and homework watching them.

Music videos should be able to bring to life the visual meaning of the song. They should tell a story, if not, bring a representation of the message the artist is trying to send across. To me, nothing is ever enough as you can only deliver based on your available budget. I think the video aspect is everything and should not be neglected at all.

It was just four of us there that day. Myself, the video director and two of our friends. We had to climb to the rooftop of one the tallest buildings in a small town (Gboko) an hour away from Makurdi. That's basically where I grew up.

I thought since the song sends a message about how I'm on my way 'to the top' to finally get everything I've wished for, that'd be the perfect spot for the video. A lot of people are still wondering where the location was, lol, I don't think anyone has been there after the completion of the building. The view was really amazing.

The chair in your video reminded us of this early music video⁠, including the king and his throne.

The chair in my video was there to add a little difference, nothing really serious but a sign that I'm comfortable in the game and would still be even at the top. And of course I'm a king but without a real crown and throne yet.

When you have put a Grammy on your name, what traces do you want to have left in the history of mankind?

I'd be remembered as someone who spoke/preached the truth (my feelings, experiences and beliefs) to the world through music, a voice to those without one.

My music would be always there to relate to, painting pictures of hope and reassuring you of a bigger and better tomorrow. It would be there through the highs and the lows, a true companion to people that'd listen and truly listen.