Remedy (2019)
Hubert Torzewski 
Amelia Ciesielska
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22 December 2019 Share

Is this the remedy we were looking for?

Usually we turn off the sound when we evaluate music videos for the London Music Video Festival. But in the case of Amelia Ciesielska’s “Remedy”, the music video forced us to unmute it and figure out this girl’s singing.

Wow! This is serious. This girl sings like an angel.

What happens here? The video shows a young woman dressed in black in front of a microphone, both of them apparently in a recording studio. She is singing; the mic is listening. And we are mesmerized.

It took us a while to understand how this works. The video gives us nearly nothing to observe. There are not even cuts, the light does not change, the camera does not move, the room is bare, no colours distract our eyes.

This sharpens our senses. We are forced to watch the singer’s expressions and to listen. We turn into a microphone. And we turn into a camera which has eyes only for emotions.

What does Amelia feel? She starts tense and focused, then she becomes immersed and captured by the rhythm. In the end she has completed the song, and she realizes that her singing was awesome; flawless from start to end. At minute 3:53⁠ she glances up, we see her eyes, she is transformed.

The camera was set up by the studio owner Hubert Torzewski. We would have expected Amelia to try to fulfil his expectations. But she does not sing for the camera, not for the audience, not for the sound engineer. She sings for herself. She likes this song and she enjoys singing.

This becomes perfectly clear when – having finished the song – she does not look for the reactions of the people around her. Even when we look at the younger Amelia performing in front of a live audience⁠ we are convinced that she does it for the music instead of the admiration.

That can be quite different when we watch e.g. Depeche Mode in the studio recording “Wrong⁠” or the young Shawn Mendez recording “Hometown Glory (Adele Cover)⁠”. They all interact with the camera; they don’t shut it out. They want to entertain and impress us.

How far has Amelia already come? Earlier works show her in school performances, now she is in a studio. We can also compare some of her studio recordings⁠ over the last eight months. This latest “Remedy (Adele Cover)” music video shows Amelia most self-confident and ultimately convincing.

But what does a music video, a film or any artwork usually do? It mirrors being human and points out selected aspects thereof by the means of exaggeration. Art is distortion⁠ and caricature⁠.

The opposite of art is documentation⁠. A documentary tries to depict the world as it is, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education or maintaining a historical record.

All performing arts⁠ are confronted with the problem that they leave no physical traces. Every performance faces the challenge of being forgotten again. This probably explains the incredible success of all sorts of recording tools since their invention⁠.

Now, the maker of this video is convinced that Amelia’s singing must not be forgotten. Therefore he documents it as realistically as possible. Watching this video, we represent people from the future looking back into this unique performance of Amelia in this studio on this day. Exactly as if we had been there.

Mankind may not remember all performances that have ever taken place. But even if we forget all of them, we must not forget this one: Amelia Ciesielska’s “Remedy”, published on the 20th of November, 2019.

And there is another element in this music video: the narrative one. The protagonist is clearly Amelia. And the antagonist is the mistake.

Because every artistic performance can fail⁠, the performing artist is in a constant challenge of bringing expectation into reality – thereby fighting against the most merciless enemy of all: the error.

We see the young girl go into battle against the error, this infamous villain who is lurking on every corner. Her chances are incredibly low, we share the thrill with her, and we are more and more surprised the further she gets. Finally, we are full of joy when she emerges victorious. This is drama at its finest.

Our verdict: we cannot thank the filmmakers enough for having captured these 4:03 minutes in the history of mankind. This music video lets us experience singing in its purest form. It is a masterpiece.

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